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          技術資訊   當前位置:首頁> 新聞中心 > 技術資訊 > 為什么集裝箱房比活動板房更受歡迎?
          為什么集裝箱房比活動板房更受歡迎?來源:http://www.jbpghlyp.com   時間:2023-09-22
          Outside, in addition to a clean and comfortable accommodation environment, it is often a rare special experience during travel. Therefore, many internet celebrity homestays have become the first choice for young people to stay. The tourism industry is also innovating and developing new tourism products to meet different consumer needs. In recent years, in order to adapt to the development trend of upgrading tourism consumption, mobile container houses have emerged in the tourism field. Container architecture combines design, practicality, and topicality, which can solve multiple contradictions and difficulties faced by tourist attractions and is increasingly favored by tourists.
          Container houses are a popular type of mobile prefabricated housing in recent years, with a higher cost-effectiveness than prefabricated houses. It is suitable for many fields, such as homestays, warehouses, and canteens. At present, many scenic spots are equipped with container houses for tourists to use, which are not only affordable but also have high usage value. So what are the advantages of container houses compared to prefabricated houses?
          Let me talk about the drawbacks of mobile homes: they are light in weight and have poor wind resistance, especially in coastal areas where safety is not high. But container houses are different. They are heavy and have good air tightness, effectively solving this disadvantage. In addition, alloy materials can effectively prevent fire.
          It should be noted that neither ordinary building houses nor other types of mobile houses have the strong insulation properties of containers, as they use glass rock wool as their insulation material, which has natural insulation properties and can effectively isolate the external and internal temperatures, truly achieving warm winter and cool summer.
          The styles of container houses are diverse, and their overall service life is longer than that of prefabricated houses. This is because from its internal structure to the external structure, there is more scientific protection. The external structure is made of steel keel, which has good compression resistance and can prevent collisions, ensuring safety. The overall materials of professional container houses can be recycled and reused, and their subsequent use value is higher because their main structure is steel alloy structure, So even if it is damaged, it will still have a certain use value and will not cause pollution to the environment and land.